Interests & Recruitment in Science:

Factors influencing recruitment,
retention and gender equity in science,
technology and mathematics higher education


The following six European partners are forming the IRIS consortium:

University of Oslo, Norway (coordinator):
Maria Vetleseter Boe, Fredrik Jensen and Ellen K. Henriksen

King’s College London, UK
Justin Dillon and Elaine Regan

University of Leeds, UK
Jim Ryder and Jaume Ametller

, Slovenia
Tina Hribar and Slavko Dolinsek

Associazione Observa
, Italy

Giuseppe Pellegrini, Alessandra Allegrini

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Henriette T. Holmegaard, Lene Moller Madsen and Lars Ulriksen



Associated partners

in other countries may collect data and take part in international comparison